Mystical Manga Tarot Deck by Barbara Moore

Mystical Manga Tarot by Barbara Moore

Visually, the Mystical Manga Tarot sets out to captures the style and spirit of Japanese graphic novels. Illustrated by Rann and with commentary by tarot expert Barbara Moore this boxed-set includes a standard set of seventy-eight tarot cards and accompanying instruction manual.

The Cards

The Mystical Manga Tarot cards are a slightly different aspect ratio from normal with them being slightly taller than one might expect. I can see this being a slight issue when it comes to shuffling using petite hands but quite frankly I liked this readjustment to their size. It resulted in the sense of a more imposing set of characters – particularly within the major arcana.

The cards themselves are beautifully produced and the artist has utilized a subtle use of color which lends a romanticised atmosphere to the deck. The card stock itself is, as is so often the case these days, a little on the light and flimsy side though. I would be concerned about their durability in the long term and through heavy use.

As a structure the minor arcana follows the traditional cups, wands, swords, & coins format. For the major arcana this too remains the same with no deviation from the standard format of FOOL through to THE WORLD.

Examples of Mystical Manga Tarot Cards

The Book

The accompanying manual is a sumptuously produced publication. All of the cards are shown in color along with their divination meanings whilst the book itself is printed on high-gloss paper which really does justice to the gorgeous illustrations on the cards.

As a manual of introduction to the tarot this book contains all of the usual important topics including; guidance on what the tarot is and how to use it, a few tarot spreads and how they work, and, of course, a full description of each card along with its reversed meaning.


It is worth repeating that the Mystical Manga Tarot is a beautifully-crafted product. Even its presentation box is extremely well-produced making this a great gift for someone. For whom you might ask? Well, this deck is pitched at the beginner and does a remarkably good job at setting out the groundwork for those starting out along the road. The addition of The Fool’s Journey at the end of the book is also a powerful way of drawing the reader into deeper themes contained within the tarot card divination system as a whole.

Mystical Manga Tarot is a beautifully illustrated deck and overall a superbly produced product. Collector’s of tarot decks will particularly appreciate the care that has gone into it whilst newcommers to the art of tarot divination will find within it a sense of fun, femininity, and vitality for which the cards are not always known.

Highly recommended!