Illuminatiam: The First Testament of the Illuminati book cover

Illuminatiam: The First Testament of the Illuminati

The roots of the various Illuminati factions and groups are to be found in the initial secret society that was founded on May 1776 by Adam Weishaupt (1748–1830). Little is known about this essentially anarchistic and disparate group of Freemasons who were deemed to be spiritual in their aspirations and whose name is derived from the Latin word for ‘enlightenment’.

It is stated that the core principles of the Immunity was …to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them.

As a secret society the original, Bavarian Illuminati as they are sometimes called, achieved little and singularly failed to achieve their intended goals—or so established history would tell us.

Over the past couple of decades interest in the Illuminati has grown exponentially and with it a whole genre of conspiracy theories based around political corruption, social control and world domination through what is often referred to as a “New World Order”.

Into this melting pot of suspicion and innuendo has arisen a whole sociopolitical movement that is bent upon rooting out our ‘hidden masters’ for the supposedly Satanic followers they are and to expose their ‘evil doings’ which are said to be perpetrated through the channels of the media, cinema, finance and the musical industries.

In truth the Illuminati, if indeed they still exist in the form that Weishaupt conceived them, have never revealed themselves as an organization per se—though over recent years many have identified as members of this ultra-secretive secret society.

Into this dark and sordid story emerges a new Illuminati faction—one that calls itself Illuminatiam and whose website at www.illuminati.amprofesses to be the ‘Official Website of the Illuminati”.

The group behind this new derivation of the secret society have published a book titled ‘Illuminatiam: The First Testament of the Illuminati’—a book which essentially serves as a recruiting mechanism for their society.

Is this the real Illuminati finally, after nearly two-hundred and fifty years, revealing their true identity and methodology for taking over our World?

Illuminatiam is based upon a sequence of questions that relate to the groups’ attitude towards religion. their use of arcane symbolism, the source of their wealth and power as well as details of their recent drive towards attaining a membership drawn more from the general public than from the political elite.

The book explains how:

  • The Illuminati are based upon a hidden island in the Atlantic and transact their business within a glass-roofed, bomb-proof shelter.
  • How they deliberately formulated our modern technological society so that they would monitor the actions of their citizenry.
  • They deliberately infiltrate the minds of babies before their are born into accepting the methods of their group.
  • How subliminal thought-waves are sent out to our subconscious minds through the transmissions of our TVs.
  • There is a Golden Age of enlightenment, freedom from poverty and worldwide peace coming.
  • The group deliberate place psycho-spiritual challenges within a potential member or student and how they have, through the medium of our digital banking system the power to secretly raise, or lower, our income and financial worth.
  • The book concludes with advice to those who would concur with the societies goals and aims and would like to become Illuminati members themselves.


Illuminatiam is a small, relatively short but beautifully-produced publication.

However, these are its only redeeming qualities for here we have a publication that singly fails to illuminate, educate or inform anyone other than those who are seduced into falling into the trap of thinking the they are being given the opportunity to join a secret, elitist and prestigious organization.

This is a dark, depressing and desperate book which through its pages feeds solely upon the fear of poverty, hunger and global annihilation.

Its writers, whomever they are, use established psychological triggers—those of a type that speak directly to the unconscious of the dispossessed, frightened and paranoid members of our society.

There are many key features that identify this book as underpinning a very clever and carefully planned scam.

Indeed, this is not the first time that a book has been created specifically to deceive the spiritual community but few others will have, I am sure, played upon such powerful emotional fears and concerns.

Several key elements point to this whole Illuminatiam concept, including book, YouTube channel, website and membership system as forming the essence of a deliberately misleading piece of deception.

Firstly, the book includes several images of the US Dollar bill and in so doing suggests to its readership that they have a historical legitimacy. They do not.

Illuminatiam is actually a word that ultimately has no established meaning. It was created in the minds of its designers around the time that the .am internet suffixes came into operation just a year or so ago and not way back in 1776.

The fictitious island in the Atlantic said to be the business headquarters of the Illuminati is said to appear as a landing strip and has been host to two plane crashes in recent years.

It is the meeting place of the Illuminati members who gather to determine society policy on a regular basis.

How do they get there one has to ask?

Through the pages of this tiresome piece of literature the Illuminati state that they infiltrate society by planting their symbolic imagery as reminders to those who ‘are in the know’ as to their existence,

The trouble is the Illuminati behind this book use a symbol of a star-like shape inside a triangle with an upper circle and not the established Eye of Horus in a Triangle.

Anyone ever seen this modified symbol appear anywhere in films, on TV or tattooed on the arms of celebrities within the music industry?

And so I could go on exposing this piece of slanderous junk but doing so would only add additional coverage of a shameful and deceitful piece of marketing propaganda.

Illuminatiam is a book with no other merit than that it exposes the gullibility of those who seek to position themselves above that of drone-worker mentality.