Daily Kabbalah by Gershon Winkler

Daily Kabbalah by Gershon Winkler

Kabbalah, for those who are unfamiliar, is an illuminating spiritual system that has become adaptable to many modern spiritual applications without losing much of its inherent value.

Daily Kabbalah: Wisdom from the Tree of Life is a collection of 365 nuggets of wisdom, drawn from this ancient esoteric tradition.

The idea is that you reflect on one per day. Each saying or quotation is from primary Kabbalistic texts, important Kabbalstic scholars and other ancient sources, such as the Babylonian Talmud. Many of them are also drawn from essential Jewish writings, such as the Sefer Yetzirah and the Sefer Ha’ Zohar.


Although this publication is sub-titled Wisdom from the Tree of Life, readers who have a leaning toward the Western Mystical Tradition of occultism should note that this book does NOT contain insights into the Sephiroth or any of the paths of the Tree of Life as modern occultists understood it.

I would guess the author, Rabbi Gershon Winkler, an ultra-orthodox Rabbi, scholar and teacher, probably holds little respect for the modern interpretation of the Kabbalah,

Although we have to respect the views of orthodox Jews, the traditional approach to this book means that some of its content is rather dry, academic and hard to relate to in the modern spiritual age.

Nevertheless, although Daily Kabbalah is not an engaging read, as a manual of instruction, it contains some interesting commentaries on facets of the Kabbalah that are not generally acredited to Jewish mysticism. In particular, I was surprised that a great deal of early Kabbalistic thought is essentially Pagan in context.

If you are interested in old-time Kabbalah, Daily Kabbalah offers a great deal of insight and revelation into this wonderfully diverse philosophy.