365 Tarot Spreads by Sasha Graham

365 Tarot Spreads by Sasha Graham

Learning different Tarot spreads is probably one of those areas of Tarot divination that students of the cards probably focus on least.

Other than the Celtic Cross Spread or 3 and 5 card spreads, it is relatively rare for even professional Tarot readers to use the more advanced spreads.

This is a pity as many Tarot readers are missing out on a powerful area of Tarot divination.

If you are this sort of reader, you should remember that using the right spread is as important as understanding the cards’ meanings.

A well-designed spread establishes a set of parameters around which a Tarot reader focuses on the matter at hand. It also provides a clear framework to help a reader to understand the cards once they are dealt.

So, what other Tarot spreads can a Tarot reader use?

The answer might be found in 365 Tarot Spreads. As you might already have guessed, this is one for every day of the year. It is a collection of Tarot spreads that have been put together by Sasha Graham for use in a wide range of situations and circumstances.

All of these spreads are designed for use in quite specific ways. Some can be used to help unlock problems in relationships. Others show ways for you to develop your creativity or guide you to make better career choices.

Other spreads focus on more practical concerns, such as home and family issues as well as money and legal matters. For questions about self-development and spirituality, the book features several spreads that help you.

Each page of 365 Tarot Spreads is devoted to a spread for a particular day of the year. Some days have their own resonance or significance and so a spread highlights the point of focus for that day.

For example, February 14th is Valentine’s Day so the spread for that day relates to love. June 12th is National Magick Day and so the spread for that day relates to issues surrounding personal power… and so on!

Not only does each page of the book include an outline of the spread that can be used to answer a particular question, it also includes a diagram of the placement of the cards alongside details of the specific questions relating to each position and a short description of why that spread was chosen for that particular day.

In addition to the information about each spread, the author has added insights about the Tarot’s history, mythology and esoteric meaning.

Finally, the book closes with an index to help you find a particular spread more easily instead of having to leaf through each day of the year.


This is a book which quite easily has the potential of being a calamity!

There have been similar publications containing collections of Tarot spreads but these have turned out to be pretty thin on content and somewhat tenuous affairs.

Being presented with a book of no less than 365 Tarot card spreads left me feeling that ploughing through them was going to be a long, tedious and quite probably unrewarding affair!

However, it soon became clear that this book has more to offer than just a collection of Tarot spreads. For a start, the layout of the book’s content is attractive, fluid and engaging. Each spread is presented in a clear and easily digested way. The illustrations break up what ordinarily might be an overwhelming amount of textual information.

The insights into each day of the year are a powerful grounding reference-point for each spread. Some of the subjects are humorous. Some are sobering. And others are just darn-right eclectic. All of them add to a book that is a great deal of fun and encourages you to turn the page for the next nugget of insight.

As for the quality of the spreads themselves? Well, this could have been the book’s downfall. Instead, they are its strongest feature.

None of the 365 spreads are overly complex. However, the questions that have been formulated for each of them are intelligent, incisive and insightful.

From the simplest insights through to the most challenging enquiry, the way that they are formed gives you the ability to break down any issue into more manageable chunks.

All in all, this is a colorful book with much more to offer a Tarot card reader than its rather simplistic title first suggests. In fact 365 Tarot Spreads turns out to be a wonderfully crafted publication.

This kaleidoscopic collection of metaphysical insights makes it a must-have acquisition. Due to its value as a manual of instruction and a commentary on the modern Tarot, 365 Tarot Spreads should be on every Tarot enthusiast’s bookshelf.

I highly recommend 365 Tarot Spreads by Sasha Graham to all students of the Tarot but particularly to those seeking to lift their understanding of their art to new levels.