Gloucestershire Earth Mysteries Issue 16 cover

Gloucestershire Leys: The Berkeley Vale Quadrangle (Gloucestershire Earth Mysteries Magazine #16)

Gloucestershire Earth Mysteries Magazine – Issue 16 featured an article that I wrote — the first titled Gloucestershire Leys: The Berkeley Vale Quadrangle in which I revealed a succession of interesting leylines and geometric shapes in the landscape of the Berkeley Vale.

The magazine also featured an interview with me regarding my contact with extraterrestrials and research into esoteric astrology.


  • Gloucestershire Leys: The Berkeley Vale Quadrangle by Peter J Morris
  • Haunted Highways by Danny Sullivan
  • The Fuss About Leys by John Michell
  • Highland Lines by Phillip Burton
  • Gloucestershire Mazes by Jo-Anne Wilder
  • News From Nowhere
  • Cornucopia The Magic of Wychbury Hill by Susan Newland
  • Extraterrestrials, Angelic Beings and Mischievous Elementals: An Interview With Peter J Morris
  • The Beast in Leicestershire by Glen Bishop
  • Return to the Kogi by Danny Sullivan
  • The Red Horse of Tysoe by Jo-Anne Wilder
  • Book Reviews