Cornwall UFO Research Group Conference, Truro College, 2013

Cornwall UFO Conference 2013

09:50am – Welcome and Opening Address by David Lea

The day started with a warm welcoming address by event co-organiser David Lea.

10:00am – Jo-Anne Richards – ET Contact

Jo-Anne began her presentation by describing the early history of the UFO phenomenon before introducing the audience to her husband and father-in-law – both US military men who worked for US/Alien collaboration projects and who for a while were moved to bases in Oxfordshire, England.  

She revealed details of an ‘Interstellar Treaty Conference’ held in Exter in 1961 which was attended by both members of ET groups as well as officials from the US and UK Governments along with American architect Buckmaster Fuller. During this time visits were made to locations in the local area by both delegates and ETs at Castle Drogo and Buckfast Abbey during which time Jo-Annes’ husband entertained ET children whilst their parents continued their busiess.

Following the Exeter conference subsequent meetings between the military and the ETs were held in Iran in 1971 and Paris in 2011. At these a strict ban was placed upon the formulation and promotion of contacts between humans and ETs as it was felt that full ET disclosure was not an option – the mass of humanity not being ready for it!

The attendees were then given a comprehensive and insightful round up of the various alien types that re connected with our planet. These included  Gastrocells, Raptors from the Draconian Empire (with Princess Linka as their head), the Oceanics who have UFO Bases under the sea, Humanoids – who have been working with the US since 1940s, Extra-Dimensional Insectoid, Terrapods, Heteroctoids forms with chocolate bodies, War Beetles as well as the Canisions who are 6ft tall, dog-headed extra-terrestrials from based in Canis Major and Canis Minor and who arrived on Earth in 1972.

Other animal types include the Cat Species – cat-like bipeds, with wings who are 7 foot tall with long tails. They were said to be friendly and sensual, making a humming sound and using a singing language along with Pamthera Acternus  who are cat-like human, friendly, humanoid forms with two arms and two legs, long tails, some 6ft tall and weighing 180lbs.

Jo-Anne listed some of the more commonly recognisable types including the Reptoids – Reptilians who evolved from raptors and who are human-like and are said to working towards the establishment of the New World Order. 

Next on the list were the rather unpleasant Greys – interceders between humans and other ET groups, the shape-shifting Chupacabra and finally, the equally anti-social Troggs who apparently trade in humans and who are actively mining on the moon.

After revealing a List of Planetary Conference Sub-Committees Jo-Anne completed her excellent presentation by describing the religious belief system of the Raptors; a group who are said to believe in a spiritual universe, a greater reality and whom embrace the idea of an universal intelligence. They see consciousness as a gift.

Website: Earth Defence Headquarters –

11:30am – Mike Freebury – The Powys Project

Mike Freely was a last minute substitution for Nigel Mortimer who sadly was unable to attend the conference due to ill health. 

Mike began his presentation by explaining how he had originally started his Powys Project as an extension of an earlier animal mutulation project during which he had come across an extra-ordinary phenomenon taking place with a remote valley in Powys.

Since starting to amass documentary evidence of these events in 2011 he has accumulated in excess of 1 million images of UFOs at a rate of some 50-60,000 images every 3-4 weeks! (Later he spoke of some of the technical and legal difficulties of his research, of travelling on a regular basis to the location and of capturing good video footage.)

Mike then presented a gallery of extra-ordinary sequence of some 50 hi-res photographs that had been taken over a period of one and a quarter hours. These showed pulses of lights, spheres as well as balls of light contained within, and projected from, rods of light.

He explained his methodology for capturing the images which clearly indicate rods appearing at night as well as day with some that are 60ft across emitting blasts of energy that light up the whole valley. 

Finally the audience was treated to a remarkable image of a four and a half feet long strand of light that he described as moving in a skipping motion. The audience were invited to comment up its possible origin but everyone remained baffled by its appearance.

The presentation then completed with a lively questions and answers session with the somewhat over-whelmed audience!

2:15pm – Lucy Pringle – Windows of Perception

After lunch Crop Circle pioneer and highly respected researcher Lucy Pringle opened her presentation with a look at the early history of the Crop Circle Phenomenon – one which has now appeared in some 65 countries around the world.

She made specific reference to the Juliet Set (named after French mathematician Gaston Julia) of 7th July 1996 – one that miraculously appeared close by Stonehenge and in broad daylight.. She shared a highly creditable account from a person who wished only to be know as ‘M’ who offered her own eye-witness account of the creation of this circle over some 20-25 minutes. 

Lucy then tackled the thorny question of hoaxing and her own negative experiences with a TV film crew from the National Geographic Magazine whom she felt were responsible for deliberate misleading their audience regarding the authenticity of circles.

The presentation continued with a look at authentic crop circles including the phenomenal Barbury castle formation of 17 July 1991 and its mathematical encoding.

Then she looked at another circle from Barbury Castle which appeared on the 1st June 2008 along with its interpretation as an encodement of the principles of Pi.

Next was the Wilton Windmill formation of 22nd May 2010 and its interpretation in terms of  Euler Identity – named after the 18th century prolific Swiss mathematician Leonard Euler.

Lucy then spoke of crop circle emitting frequencies – both good and bad and her research into the impact of positive Crop Circle energy upon sufferers of Parkinsons Disease using the Asyra technique; once described by Prof William Tiller of Stanford University as being one of the most reliable diagnostic technique available.

The results revealed that there were changes in patients brain activity – notably  in Gamma frequencies with an increase in levels after being subjected to the energy from within a circle. Benefits were apparently accrued from the release of Dopamine as a consequence of increased Gamma and Theta levels. 

Lucy’s research into the impact upon Parkinsons disease sufferers in the Torus Knot circle from Avebury appeared to demonstrate significant improvements  in the condition of suffers with effects that appeared to focus upon the central nervous system and the spleen. As well at that Lucy’s research also revealed how water that was buried inside circles demonstrated anIncrease in levels of nitrate and ammonia.

Finally visitors to crop circles were warned of the effects of the energies upon personal electronic items after one associate had their credit cards wiped following sometime spent inside a circle!

4:00pm – Simon Stidever – Life’s Akashic Records

Following a tea break Simon Stidever from Plymouth, opened his presentation by describing how he had been visited by an ethereal being at home on  Halloween night when aged 9 years. He was presented with a book of manuscripts that purported to contain the “Blue-Prints of Life”.

(Note. On his website Simon describes this book as containing 144 pages of encrypted text, the first 10 of which specifically relate to human DNA. The remaining 134 pages representing Super – Consciousness of the Celestial Bodies entwined within the collective forms of life on planet Earth.)

Simon then spent several years searching for the figure whom believed still to be in the physical and eventually tracked him down to an Ashram. He identified  him as the Indian guru Sri Baba – a prominent spiritual figure both in the East and the West and who also recognised Simon and personally engaged with him.

Simon then talked about the Ascended Master in the Himalays before charting his many varied spiritual experiences across the world. These included activating ‘song lines’ with DNA information at Mount Warning in Australia.

He visited Ayers Rock in Australia and of his discovery of an inner crystal that was shaped like the human Pineal Gland. From there we went to Dove Lake in Tasmania where he described the inexplicable drowning of US military equipment and then described his experience of UFOs in and around Mount Shasta.

Simon showed images taken in Solberga in Sweden where Simon constructed an Ascension Chamber using monoatomic etheric gold. From there the gallery moved to St Salva in Belgrade and the audience was introduced to musician Vladimir Labal Rovnjev who create ethereal music using his self-created instruments.

Rather soberingly the presentation moved to Simons’ work in Lake Ledinacko Jezero, Serbia where he describes trying to dissipate the bad energy left over from the ethnic war.

Next was St Georges Church inside Hipland Monastery, Mount Athos Greece and finally, some what closer to home, to some spiritual work done at the Chalice Well, Glastonbury at Stonehenge and finally his attempts to remove bad energies at Westminster Abbey.

Simon completed his presentation by inviting all members of the audience to sample his tincture and then to quietly concentrate upon a series of symbolic kaleidoscopic  images for several minutes. He advised the audience to monitor possible accumulated effects of the tincture with the mediation exercise in their daily lives over the course of the next few days.

Once again the presentation was completed with a fascinating and insightful Q and A session with the audience. 

5:15pm – Closing Address by organiser David Millham

David closed the conference by thanking the audience, speakers and technicians for their help and support.

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