Tarot Revelations: Practical Tips and Professional Insights by Peter J Morris

Tarot Revelations

Tarot Revelations

Practical Tips and Professional Insights

Learning the basics of Tarot card reading can be done in a couple of months. All you need is a tarot deck that you resonate with, a good book on card meanings and the commitment to see the process through. What’s harder is gaining an understanding of the subtler nuances of the cards … and this process can take a lifetime.

Tarot Revelations is a collection of Tarot card reading hints, tips, insights and stories from the pen of an ex-pro Tarot consultant that will deepen your understanding of this versatile divination system. From answering basic questions about what the Tarot is and how it works through to advice on choosing the right deck, this book covers secrets about the cards that most other Tarot books never touch upon.

In this insightful manual, Peter J Morris explores the powerful connections between cards; the hidden issues that card combinations reveal as well as teaching you how to use this knowledge to enrich your Tarot readings.

The book explores Tarot spreads on a practical level. This includes tips for shuffling (a skill which many beginners overlook the importance of), and the techniques you can use to select the cards for your question (whether it is a single card spread or a 78-card masterpiece).

Every insight in this book is drawn from the author’s 30+ years of Tarot study. The tips are interspersed with anecdotes drawn from his many years working with this powerful divinational, developmental and, ultimately magickal, tool.

Whether you are a novice, starting out with your first deck of tarot cards, or a veteran of the art, seeking to expand your esoteric understanding of this ancient system, Tarot Revelations has something to offer you.

Book Contents

  • Foreword
  • What This Book Is And Is Not
  • Introducing the Tarot
  • The Art of Tarot Card Reading
  • Insights into Tarot Decks
  • Caring for Your Tarot Cards
  • Learning Tarot Card Basics
  • Major Arcana Insights
  • Minor Arcana in Action
  • Court Card Revelations
  • Performing a Tarot Card Reading
  • Using Significators
  • Shuffling, Cutting and Laying Techniques
  • Tarot Spread Structure and Form
  • Advanced Tarot Principles
  • Exploring Time and Tides
  • Psychic Exercises and Powers
  • Tarot and Psychology.
  • Tarot and the Mysteries of Life
  • Creative Tarot Ideas
  • Afterword
  • Glossary.
  • References and Recommendations
  • About the Author
  • Other Kinsett Publications