Tarot For Profit: How to Earn a Regular Income From Tarot Card Reading by Peter J Morris

Tarot For Profit

Tarot For Profit

How to Earn a Regular Income From professional Tarot Card Reading

Professional Tarot card reading offers you a wonderful opportunity to run a small or part-time business from the comfort of your own home or small office with few overheads.

In Tarot For Profit, Peter J Morris reveals how you can, quickly and easily, start to make money reading Tarot cards.

Having run a professional Tarot consultancy himself for many years, the author pulls on his own successes and mistakes to help you start and build your business.

In this information-packed ebook, Peter reveals:

  • The secrets to developing a fully-fledged business with a regular, paying clientele
  • The pros and cons of setting up your business in various locations (including from your dining room table)
  • How to decide what types of tarot reading services you offer
  • Beginner and more advanced tactics for promoting your services
  • The pitfalls many small-business owners fall into—costing them valuable time and money—and how you can avoid them
  • Opportunities to make money that aren’t just about reading cards for customers
  • How you should treat your clients to present the most professional persona to keep people coming back
  • The different Tarot services you can offer your clients to make your business stand out from your competition
  • Specific, practical tips to help you apply your new knowledge in your business
  • And much more…

Tarot card reading is a fantastic way to make money doing something you love. There will never be a shortage of possibilities to grow your business if you embrace the techniques presented in these pages.