ETs, 2012 and the Events of 1987

There is a great deal of talk and speculation about the possible events surrounding the upcoming date of December 21, 2012. From a spiritual perspective, it is expected that this will mark a time of great global change and human transformation. Exactly what the nature of these changes will be and the impact they will have upon all of us is unknown. However we might get some sort of idea from events that occurred on a fateful day of August 16, 1987.

When Jose Arguelles published his book The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology‘ way back in 1987, he could hardly have foreseen the immense impact his findings would have all around the world.

Today, we are left with a 2012 movement that has grown to encompass every aspect of alternative thought. From conspiracy theories to UFO landings and apocolyptic disaster through to the re-appearance of the Christ and the descent of the Kingdom of God, it carries a very broad range of hypotheses.

No-one really knows what will happen on or around this fateful date of December 21, 2012 and any visionary prognosis must be handled with extreme care. I read The Mayan Factor for myself soon after it came out and I must say that I was somewhat underwhelmed by its central argument that the ancient Mayan civilisation were able to track time in the way Arguelles suggested. I was even less impressed by the idea that time could be compartmentalised and placed into specific cycles of chronological ebb and flow. Nevertheless, from a personal perspective, it is the reason that I purchased this book that is of greater significance to me for I was drawn into the Mayan prophecies debate in a most extra-ordinary way.

Harmonic Convergence

Whilst the world holds its breath during this perilous countdown to the end of the Mayan calendar, it is notable that little interest is being shown to a largely unknown date way back in 1987. Through his research, Jose Arquelles identified two specific dates that he maintained were crucial to the spiritual awakening of humanity in the period leading up to the onset of the Age of Aquarius. The 2012 date is recognised as being the more important of the two but there was an earlier date that he identified as being of great significance. This other date was the August 16, 1987 and it became known as The Harmonic Convergence.

The revelation of the hidden codes within the Mayan calendar caught the imagination of the spiritual community from the very beginning. Many people — like myself — did not really grasp where Arguelles was coming from but it did not stop speculators from filling in the blanks as they say. Nevertheless, Jose Arguelles was quite specific in his assertion that the 1987-date had to be seen as having a direct impact upon life on earth. Some two years later, an idea of just how important this date was appeared in Heart of the Christos: Starseeding from the Pleiades by Barbara Hand Clow. On page 159, her extra-terrestrial sources from the Pleiades state

“And then it shall occur Harmonic Convergance the exponential acceleration of the wave harmonic of history as it phases into a moment of unprecedented synchronisation. Like a shuttle on a loom shifting with lightening speed, the resonant frequency of the Earth grid will shift. In the shift the foundations of the mental house imprinted with the names of Descartes, Newton, Galileo and Copernicus will dissolve.”

On the August 16, 1987, thousands of spiritually inclined individuals congregated at sacred centres all over the world and awaited the events that were to follow. Unlike todays 2012 movement, the 1987 even was not riddled with the same sense of apocalyptic fore-bearing that characterises so much of todays’ movement. Maybe it needed a blockbuster Hollywood movie about the event first!

So, as I understand it, the groups that met that fateful night of the August 15, 1987 were concentrating upon the job of grounding the energy of the following days’ convergence into and through the earth’s primary sacred centers.

The Storm

At the time of these events, I knew nothing of Arquelles, the Mayan Calendar or of the Harmonic Convergence. However I was living very close to a primary chakra centre on this planet and near to the spiritual centre at Findhorn in Scotland. For three nights before the day of the Harmonic Convergence I experienced an extra-ordinary sequence of dreams. Each one was progressive and clearly indicated that they formed a part of a countdown to some sort of planetary shift. As I say, I knew nothing of the circumstances surrounding the Harmonic Convergence at the time but it was evident during those few days that some part of my spiritual essence was responding in a most profound way to some sort of external force.

Then, on the evening of August 16, all hell broke loose!

As the sun began to set and along with other completely unspiritually-inclined friends, we experienced a life-changing event that left us totally astounded and utterly transformed.

For nearly an hour we sat out in the middle of what seemed to be the centre of a solar storm. A wind started up that was so strong that we could barely stand and the sky turned into a kaleidoscopic display of colour and light. All evening, I was followed around by a strange blue orb that flowed in and out of my aura as if guided by some unseen hand.

After the Storm

I have thought a great deal about the events of those few days. There is no evidence to my mind that the shift on the Mayan calendar as proposed by Jose Arguelles had anything directly to do with what occurred that evening. Is it not more probable that the electrical storm I experienced was caused by the powerful meditations that were held by one of the Harmonic Convergence groups that set themselves up in the Great Pyramid and other primary centres in the Earth’s etheric grid?

On a personal level, there is no doubt that my experience utterly transformed my life but there are many writers and commentators who maintain that the energy released in 1987 was instrumental in bringing down the Berlin Wall and dismantling the Soviet Union during 1989/90. I wouldn’t argue with this supposition for it might well be the case and, if it is true, what does it mean for 2012 and the probability that millions of people will actively engage with thousands of planned events all over the world. It could well be that we are looking at an event that will fundamentally change life here on planet Earth in ways we cannot even begin to imagine at the moment.