Discover Why You May Never Manifest What You Want

I hate to have to say this but over 90% of people who try to manifest a better life will fail to do so! Their failure is not through lack of work and commitment but due to a misunderstanding in how our Laws of Manifestation actually work.

A False Paradigm

There are a large number of writers who maintain that the secret to living a successful life is through the way that we think. You have probably read all the guff about ‘learning to think big’, ‘the need to maintain a positive mental attitude’ and that ‘thought creates reality’.

Sorry, but I have to reveal that this is simply not true … well it might be for the mass of writers who have become publishing successes through promoting the premise but for most people it simply is not the case at all.

Always remember – it is not what we think about that creates our reality – instead it is what we LOVE that creates our reality.

This is such a powerful distinction to make for it firmly moves the centre of manifestation from our minds and down into our hearts.

The Wheels of Life

Within our psycho-centres are spiralling vortexes of energy. These centres are referred to as ‘chakras’ in the Eastern mystical tradition.

The number of centres that we have within our auras is different according to the system that a student uses but in the main it is accepted that there are seven major ones all of which impact greatly upon the quality of our lives.

In many ways these spinning wheels of energy are the basic points of manifestation through which we interface with reality.

From a manifestation perspective one of the most important centres is called the ‘Solar Plexus’ or the heart centre. Because of its close relationships to the physical heart this power centre acts as a regulator of the life force that we express through ourselves and then out into our lives.

An open heart will always generate better levels of health and general abundance than one that is closed.

Early Years

When we were young we were naturally born with vibrant and active heart centres. However as we get older there are many influences that can close a heart centre down.

Very often we inadvertently shut them, or restrict them, at a sub-conscious level – mostly as a result of an emotional hurt or pain. When this happens it can take a great deal of psychological strength to open a heart centre again; to trust to life and its available goodness.

However, an open chakra is a great benefit on many different levels – not least of all in allowing the energy necessary to manifest our dreams into a tangible condition.

When the heart chakra opens and allows the power of manifestation to work it tends to convince our inner selves that this is a good and natural condition to be in. The result is that it will open up further and wider thus allowing more energy through.

In this way the saying ‘the rich get richer’ is true for this process of power transmission is accumulative.

On the other hand a closed heart centre brings with it poverty and hardship – which in turn forces us to close it down further and thus bring more adversarial conditions into our lives.

Here, the poor do indeed become poorer.

From Mind to Heart

Over the years I have seen so many people struggle with the Law of Manifestation. You can see that within them is deep desire to change their life experiences but with it has developed an inner sense of frustration that it simply is not working for them.

In every case that I have come across when talking with these individuals it has been very clear that the whole process of manifestation has, for them, become a purely cerebral act. They are invariably trapped with in a mindset that forces them to over-emphasize the mental over the intuitional.

From this condition stems a constant stream of wasted energy which fails to impact upon the life that they live.

The mind does have a part to play in manifestation but it is subtle and must always be used as an extension to the dictates of the heart rather than the dictator of the process.

Get in Tune!

This is fine expect that when we begin to look at the things that most people think they want to manifest their wishes are completely out of alignment with their true hearts’ desires.

These ‘illusional wishes’ as I tend to call them, are very often created by people in order to manifest those things that make them feel better about themselves.

In truth, they add nothing to the real quality of our lives which, as I mentioned above, is determined by the degree that our hearts are open to the life-enhancing power of the Universe.

A New Approach

So then forget completely about those thoughts and ideas that you hold about what you want out of life – for they will either never come to you or their manifestation will bring additional problems of their own.

There is an old saying that say something like ‘Be careful what you wish for … you just might get it”. This is very true and a wise warning that we should be very selective in determining those things to manifest that we merely think we want or need as they might just turn out to become millstones around our necks!

Instead simply open up a dialogue with your heart for through its wisdom, knowledge and understanding of your deeper spiritual and material needs it holds the true key to creating the life that you have always dreamt of.