2012 – The Cosmic Delusion

As I sit here on a cold, wet and dark winter’s evening in late January the excitement and colour of the Christmas and New Year period seems but a fleeting memory. 

An even more remote recollection I have is of a pre-Christmas 2012 event which promised the world much and in the end petered out like a smoking candle flame.

Like many people interested in the whole Mayan calendar enigma I followed the even with continued interest. Everywhere one happened to look in the couple of years prior to 21st December 2012 – from books to articles and from YouTube videos to lectures, reference was made to the then Coming End of Days.

Indeed it seemed to be the case that as time went on and we approached the date more and more evidently educated and intellectual writers and researchers were integrating 2012 philosophy into their work. 

I followed this lemming-like madness ever since I was first exposed to the rather dubious Mayan research that originated from the late 1980s. From ET changelings which assured mankind that we were about to experience a full-blown alien takeover by millions of UFOs through the Galactic alignments that would bathe this planet is life-changing light I came across every possible permutation on the age-old apocalyptic visions of seers such as Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce.

I managed to maintain my healthy scepticism but after being subjected to this endless stream of ‘authoritative’ commentary even my faith that this was a non-event came under greater pressure. I very nearly cracked until one evening I watched a TV documentary on the 2012 event. In it a well-respected investigative researcher visited the seat of Mayan culture as it currently exists today only to find that no one had any knowledge whatsoever on this supposed catastrophic event. That did it for me and I retrained my sights even more closely upon mundane domestic arrangements for Christmas Day.

The Aftermath

What is so evidently clear is that the whole 2012 event had simply become an expression of a mass psychosis – one perpetuated by individuals who should have known better!

Anybody who has even the most basic grounding in metaphysics should be clearly aware that the majority of spiritual and mystical thought is purely illusional – if not totally delusional! That is to say it is of little or no actual value to act of living on the material plane. Instead it is the product of over-active imaginations, inflated egos and denizens of the Astral worlds – entities who delight in confusing and confounding mankind at every level.

Sadly, this important criteria was not applied to the 2012 enigma – though in truth it was not just the sadly misled writers on the subject who were left looking stupid. This even extended itself to NASA who’s rebuttal of the 2012 event was as ludicrous and farcical as the arguments placed into the public forum by some of our foremost spiritual commentators.


There are some important and serious lessons to be learnt from the 2012 event. It is important that as promotors of the spiritual life each and every one of us takes these into account whilst traversing the delicate and dangerous path towards enlightenment.

From my perspective I consider it so important that each of us questions every single element of the so-called Spiritual Renaissance’ that mankind is currently supposed to be experiencing. QUite frankly, having followed the New Age movement since 1972, I feel fairly qualified to say that it just is NOT happening! It is, like the 2012 event, a total illusion – one of our own making and manifesting as a consequence of our deep need to believe that life on this planet IS improving for us all. 

The internet has allowed an increasing number of enlightened groups to connect and exchange ideas and this is giving rise to the notion that more people than there used to be are being pulled into the light. They are not! There were more planetary-aware vegetarians and cosmically-connected people around in the early 1970’s as a result of the Hippy Movement of the 1960s than there ever are today. 

If mankind has taken the wrong turn in determining its future evolvement, as I personally believe it has, then I am afraid to say that by the evidence of the response by our treasured spiritual family to the Mayan 2012 farce we are not in the position of putting it back on the correct course.