How to Make a Vision Board Work For You

A vision board is a powerful tool for clarifying and maintaining your focus upon a goal or aspiration. It can be made quite easily and inexpensively from any sort of material so long as you can pin or stick images, photos, notes etc. on to it to represent the person that you wish to become or circumstances that you want to manifest in your life. Most vision boardists prefer to create a physical board—one that they can place in any part of their home as a regular reminder of their goals and aims. However, it is also possible to create vision boards that display on your computer monitor and software is now available to help you to create your own boards.

What Exactly Can a Vision Board Do For Me?

A vision board contains what amounts to visual affirmations. It is a powerful tool for helping you to focus your life along a specific line of action or intent. A vision board can be used as a highly effective map with the addition of specific guideposts or pointers that can steer you toward any desire that you might have.

Where Can I Get Ideas From For My Vision Board?

When you first set out with your board, always try to be creative. Let your thoughts and ideas have free reign. Whatever the nature of the visual impressions that well up in your mind, always help them come to life by writing them down. In the early stages of vision board development, no idea is wrong or irrelevant. It is important that the creative and imaginative part of your mind is given free reign to express itself and its thoughts.

What Sort of Actions Can Help Inspire Me in Creating My Vision Board?

We each have our own, quite different, approach to creating our vision boards. You may find it helpful to listen to your favorite music as a trigger to releasing your creative juices or to wtach an inspirational movie—one that reveals a vital new way of life or living. Some people find inspiration from recording their dreams. These can act as a great source of material when it comes to revealing our true motivations and aspirations in life. Sometimes, just relaxing and allowing yourself to daydream can be enough to release creative new ideas to add to your board. Define clearly what it is that you want from your life. Also, define how you think you can achieve your goals and desires. It is important to take a little time to think through some of the practicalities of how you can arrive at your desired destination. Add these various stages to your vision board.

Building Your Vision Board

Keep your vision board relatively simple. Do not allow it to drift into becoming a general family noticeboard. It must remain personal and significant solely to yourself. It is useful to limit the presentation of your goals on your board to just 6-8 projects—add more than this and you will probably become overwhelmed, include less and you may not feel sufficiently challenged.

How to Find Content for a Vision Board

Colorful magazines are a great source of material for a vision board. Pick up a copy of your favorite lifestyle periodical and cut out any images of places, people, events or circumstances that seem to reflect the sort of life you want to move into. This can include photos of things that you want, such as a house, car or boat or it can include images of destinations that you would like to visit on holiday or as part of a globe-trotting journey.

How to Organize Your Vision Board

Some visioneers with multiple goals prefer to separate their visioning into separate themes on the same board or even to create multiple boards, each one dedicated to a specific aspect to their lives. It is fairly common to place a picture of yourself in the very center of your vision board. For many people, this highlights the point of focus for the many threads of connected ideas with that constant reminder that your are doing this solely for you. One of the more important functions of a vision board is as that as a source of inspiration in your life so feel free to add notes containing inspirational or motiviating sayings around your board. There are many websites that are based upon quotes and sayings by successful people that can be a great source of material.

Keeping a Vision Journal

You may find it additionally helpful to keep a vision journal. A vision journal might include writing down your vision board thoughts for a week or two as a way of guiding yourself in your approach to vision boarding. A vision journal can not only act as a collection of thoughts and dreams. It can help you to define your life purpose and personal goals. Always be extremely clear about what you want from your life and use your journal as a preparatory tool for the later organization and development of your board.

Your Vision Board as a Living Monument

Always add new material to your board as and when you feel inspired to do so. This will keep it alive and interesting at all times. As time goes by, your focus and perspective on your life will shift and so your board should grow to reflect this. Try to hang your board up somewhere where you will find it convenient to make changes or add new material to it on a regular basis. You might even want to spend a few minutes every day just standing back and casting your eyes over your board to find out if it really relfects the position you are in at the moment. Remove, change position or discard anything that no longer feels or looks right to you.

Charting Your Progress

It is important to reinforce to your subconscious mind that you are making progress en route to your defined goals, so mark your board when some goals are reached. You may wish to circle some things have been attained or write dates next to them when they were achieved. Remember: allow yourself plenty of time both to create your board and to fulfill your goals. Like all aspects of the manifestation process, time is a key factor in determining how and when things occur.

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