The Way of the Modern Magickal Warrior

Throughout history and all cultures there has always existed important members of all communities who’s role it has been to oversee the spiritual wealth and well-being of the others.

These ‘Shamanic’ individuals are extra-ordinary people each of whom hold a close connection to Magickal Worlds that are now becoming so dense that they actually interpenetrate our physical plane – at least in part.

Through their connections to the Higher Planes these people interface with the elders of the Underworld and draw strength and sustainance from the wisdom of the path and the mythology that underpins their tribal traditions.

The rather overly romanticised idea of the tribal leader as an all-knowing and all-powerful individual is something of an idealised concept that we in the West have of what constitutes spiritual authority.

In truth the reality is something altogether quite different.

The Magic of Disneyland
Here in the West belief in the scientific mind has permeated every aspect of our lives to such an extent that we have relegated its position to computer games, film and fantasy-based TV programs.

The result of this is that living your life in a Shamanic way in the clastrophobic and demoralising envirnoment of a society that does not actually believe in Magick is a tough challenge.

The shift that there has been during the past couple of centuries towards scientific rationalism has led many people to believe that the former ‘irrational’ mind of the supersticious and ill-educated peasant has been irradicated.

Is this true though? Well, try sking this question of any one today involved in the meta-physical fields and see what answer you get.

A New Magickal Era
Over the past forty years the world has slowly, and unbeknownst to most people, slipped into a duality of resonance. It has shifted and separated in such a way that our world has actually become a dramatically more magickal realm than it was.

At one level the consciousness of this planet has become increasingly gross, or more dense. bringing with it along the way such a state of stagnancy and inertia that it has resulted in a great universal sense of psychological fear and personal insecurity.

On the other hand for those of use who have opened up to the new Magickal currents we find that another, altogether seperate world, is spinning off as we ground ourselves into highly energetic patterns of new Shamanic mythologies – ones that open up our daily life experiences in new and exciting ways.

This new Magick world is manifesting enough phenomenon that even the most ardent follower of the belief that Magick is bunkum can hardly fail to be aware of its existance.

Reports of crop circles, alien abductions, UFOs on video and other strange enomolies appear in even the main stream press today with regularity. TV documentaries on psychic phenomenon are a nightly event along with programs on ghost hunting or spirit channelling from the other side.

Given all this you would have thought that the world would activiely engage in embracing the Magickal world that some of us inhabit on a daily basis but this is not so.

Shamans of a New World
Whilst there might be an increase in popular psychism the real Magick that takes place in the lives of both you and I goes mostly unoticed by those around us.

For myself and those who are drawn to read this article we are the Sha-men and Sha-women of our own communities. Living for the most part in relative osbcurity as we do nearly all of the spiritual work that we do behind the scenes in manipulating this new Magickal current goes unseen.

From the way that we channel energy through others to bring about healing through to the good luck that we stimulate in those that we extend compassion towards our impact upon the lives of many around us is rarely, if ever, credited back to us.

Like the Magicians that we are those of us who operate mainly through the Higher Planes are able to read the signs that life presents to us.

We know and understand the language of the Gods and those of the guiding spirits of our esoteric communities and by reading the signs that are presented to us we come to know that when elements of our immediate environment and the people within it improve in dramatic ways it is invariably because we, as Shamanic Warriors, have willed it.

As Magicians of the New Aeon every single conscious and deliberate act that we perform is done within the context of the Magickal Land that we inhabit.

We recieve no thanks and precious little credit for our work. We are citizens within, but not of, a society that, outside of film and TV, simply does not accept that Magick actually really exists.

Until the world shifts back into understanding life and the World through a predominently Magickal paradigm our work will continue to go un-recognised and un-rewarded for the essential contribution that it makes in keeping the planet and its population intact.

Whether we will actually be able to hold things together long enough to stop environmental and socialogical catastrophe from occurring by usuing our Magick is open to debate.

Personally I think that we won’t and that the challenges that we are presented with are simply too great. However, on the other hand should the Magickal World continue to densify and in doing so shakes awake enough people up to the immense potential that resides within us all to become Shamanic Magicians then there might just still be a hope that we will see it through collectively.

Meanwhile I would emplore you to continue following the dictates of your heart and to never give up in striving to make this place a better world for Magick to express itself through.

The World needs you right now!

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