UFO Disclosure: 5 Reasons Why It Might Not be a Good Idea

For the last few decades there has been a growing impetus within the UFO movement to press the US Government to openly confirm that there is an extraterrestrial presence on this planet. They call it Disclosure.

Back in the days when I first started researching UFOs most researchers didn’t really give two hoots whether or not the government of any country was aware of the ET presence but this has changed and somehow official disclosure has become the litmus test by which to evaluate what is to most people who have had an ET/UFO experience a very personal  experience.

As we all know several key figures within UFO research circles have made a name and a career for themselves by promoting the idea that humanity is ready to be told the full truth about Its and their involvement in the affairs of this planet.

However, their primary reasoning for believing this appears to be largely based upon their own personal perspectives rather than as a result of any form of mass-consensual agreement.

Is the population of this World really that desperate to have the truth revealed to them about little green men?

I do not believe this to be the case. I also have to question upon what authority these researchers are acting — for so far as I know the population of this planet has never been given a vote on whether they actually want Disclosure to take place. This effectively means that that these self-opinionated people actually have next to no remit by which they have license to act on our behalf.

Lights in the Sky

I have been active in UFO research ever since 1972 and have watched its growth and development keenly over the decades. During this time I have watched wave after wave of various types of alien encounters come and go. These have included appearances of the flying saucers, the growth and mass awareness of ET abductions, cattle mutations by aliens, imminent mass-landings, alien cults, and crop circles formed by the occupants of UFOs.

The problem is that other than some creditable UFO video footage there is very little in the way of tangible evidence that ET contact with mankind has occurred.

I think that deep down some researchers are embarrassed by the lack of evidence and that this, in part, has led them to pressurise government authorities to verify and justify their belief that ET is here and walking among us.

If this is the case then I believe that it is time that as a wider UFO research community we ask some very pertinent questions regarding the agenda being followed by so many Disclosure advocates.

Primary Concerns

One day we will see a universal acceptance of the fact that there are races from other worlds on this planet — and that they have been here for thousands of years. When that day will come I do not know — but it won’t be in my lifetime!

What I am sure of is that as a precursor to ET revealing him/her self there will have to be a seismic universal shift in the consciousness of all peoples of this planet and not just in a handful of individuals forming pressure groups to lobby World governments.

Until that point is reached then I feel that the process of enforced ET disclosure is ill-conceived and even dangerous.

My personal concerns can be condensed down into five specific points; each of which I believe are powerful arguments for not pushing ahead with a policy of enforced disclosure.

Reason 1: The Need to Know

There is such a strong undercurrent of belief amongst UFO researchers that somehow their knowledge and insight into the nature of UFOs and aliens (as they perceive it) is of significant importance to everyone else. Their assumption that everyone else is either interested or at the very least a bit curious regarding extra-terrestrial involvement in planetary affairs should  be questioned.

As it stands at the moment most people are not even the slightest bit interested in the night sky, the names of stars, the ground-breaking NASA mission to Mars or in the wealth of other related out-of-this-world events. For the UFO research community to conclude that the whole world ‘needs to know’ about the true nature of UFOs or ETs is wholly without validation.

Reason 2: Bringing New Technology to the People

In order to legitimise this belief within UFO research circles that that everyone should be aware of UFOs and their relationship with the US military it is assumed by many that the alien craft somehow utilise technologies from which mankind would benefit greatly.

Current ET hypothesis points to the belief that ET technology was exchanged with the US military following the reported crash of alien craft and the retrieval of aliens bodies at Roswell in 1947. There is little proof that this has occurred; or that any current military technology has its roots in any alien technological exchange.

Further more, there has to be very good reasons for believing that making free energy available to the world would be a panacea for all of our environmental ills.

This is an error of scientific analysis for there is no such thing as ‘free energy’: for energy of any type requires a reactionary force as it shifts from one state to another. What we gain from the availability of free energy on one level has to be paid for by its lack or reduction on another. As we are probably talking about inter-dimensionality when investigating the rapid appearance and non-appearance of alien craft in our skies we have to be sure that whatever scientific process we engage in at this dimension does not have a detrimental effect on others.

Reason 3: The Spiritual Debate

Some factions of the extra-terrestrial research community have interpreted the alien phenomenon within spiritual terms of reference. It is argued that without the more rational and broader philosophy of cosmic intelligence the human species cannot survive.

As many researchers into alien cults will tell you, there is in fact no one spiritual hypothesis that underpins all alien intelligences. Which means that if you shatter the current religious and spiritual paradigms around which billions of humans currently establish their ethical behaviour you have got to be sure that what you forcibly replace it with is a very tangible and universally acceptable to all religions.

As things currently stand we cannot be sure of this at all. Indeed, history has shown us time and again that when purveyors of a spiritual ideology foist their beliefs upon unsuspecting, indigenous communities the result is invariably the destruction and eradication of important outcrops of esoteric and metaphysical knowledge. In fact it could be argued that a great deal of our planetary ecological problems have stemmed from such invasion of spiritual purity as they have initiated a disconnect between people and their sacred environments.

Reason 4: The Alien Agenda

Having followed the growth in extra-terrestrial or other-dimensional channeling over the decades I am extremely struck by the fact that very few ET groups have actively engaged with humans and expressed their specific desire that the human populace should be woken up to their existence. Indeed, it is something of a paradox within UFO debate that whilst UFOs do appear to consciously make their existence known to people, communities and even whole city populations they have offered mankind no tangible proof that they actually exist or that they have our well-being foremost in their minds.

On the other hand many people believe that aliens are trying to seed humanity with knowledge of their existence and wish us to unconditionally accept their presence.

Until the UFO research community can reconcile this paradox to the satisfaction of the general public then we should be wary of what information we put out regarding the alien agenda to public as a whole. It is also equally important to my mind for all UFO researchers to be keenly aware that if UFO disclosure were to lead to tragic and consequences for the human population (as indeed many researchers feel to be the case) then it is the very disseminators of the UFO mythos to which a frightened populace may well turn for retribution and accountability.

Reason 5: The Nature of the Phenomenon

To my mind the most dangerous and ill-conceived aspect to the drive towards mass-acceptance of the UFO and alien phenomenon is one that should concern us all. As it currently stands there is absolutely no way of knowing at this moment in time whether opening up the human psyche ‘en masse’ to the existence of alien influence on this planet is going to expose us to favourable or destructive elements. If, as the current UFO paradigm suggests, we are looking at a close alignment or working relationship between the aliens and the military of countries throughout the world are we to suppose that your average extra-terrestrial has the needs and interests of the common man at heart.

I suspect not.

As UFO researchers we simply do not know whether the benefits of interaction between the human race and our cosmic citizens is going to be advantageous or not. There is a great deal of conflicting evidence on this score and the mass of human abductions by Grey aliens must give us cause to wonder on this matter.

In Conclusion

Whilst I am fully committed to the idea of openness and an environment of non-secrecy in every area of government I am increasingly feeling a sense of great unease regarding the current move that many researchers are making towards pressuring officialdom to initiate full UFO disclose. Indeed, given the reasons that I have outlined above I have some sympathy towards the military establishment for wanting to keep the deeper aspects to this phenomenon a closely guarded secret.

After all, we should be asking ourselves the most obvious of all questions in this debate — at the end of the day who is it that actually benefits from any attempt to prove the legitimacy of the UFO phenomenon? The way that I see it is there are very few currently within our largely unawakened and indifferent populace who have anything to gain from having a phenomena thrust upon them that even committed and hardened researchers simply fail to get a handle on?

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