Empower Yourself …… Get Passionate About Your Life

<a href=””><img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-310″ title=”passionflower” src=”” alt=”Image of a Passion Flower” width=”150″ height=”125″ /></a>The most powerful reality creating tool that we have as human beings is the ability to express passion. In this article I take a look at what this powerful emotion is and how it can be used as the key to unlock your life.


Life as we currently live it is a complex and delicate affair bringing with it successes, failures, heartbreaks and joys. However, life has not always been quite such an emotional challenge as it is today. Indeed, it is possible to experience a bigger range of emotional excesses watching one episode of our nightly TV soap opera than most people used to feel in the whole of their lives just 50 years ago. Throughout this roller-coaster of emotional turbulence we are constantly having to readjust our internal compass. Whenever life gets us down we often automatically take stimulants of one type or another to bring us up again. These are usually chemical in their nature; coffee, alcohol or nicotine. Each one impacts directly upon the neuro-transmitters in our brains and as a result re-stimulates our sense of sensuality, happiness or self-worth. However, this response to life is something of a distraction from the real nature of human emotion which all too often goes unnoticed. It is through the deeper emotional feelings of passion that we come into direct contact with who we really are.
<h4>The Effect of Passion</h4>
So then what is passion and how does it relate to who we are spiritually? There are actually three types of emotions. The first type is the sort of feelings that we have when we hear good news, or bad news, from another person. These are emotional ‘responses’ and their impact is largely determined by us. We can decide to sympathise with a friend who telephoned to tell us that they have just driven their expensive new car into a lamppost .. or we can decide not to feel their sense of loss because secretly we never liked the way that they drive around town or feel jealous that they have a new car when we are still having to coax our old heap of scrap out of the garage each morning. The second form of emotional response we have less control over. The emotional feelings in this group are those that are stimulated within us through external stimuli such as through seeing great works of art, listening to stirring music or reading a great novel. These are all much more powerful emotions because they reflect back to us energies that lay dormant within us. Constant exposure to stimulation of this heightened kind would in fact wear off if we were subjected to it every day. You might enjoy watching the sun go up and then go down again each day from your cliff top holiday chalet but by the end of the second week you will probably be only too happy to get back home again. It is the third set of emotional responses that are the important to us here. In actual fact they are characterised through containing elements of each of the two former groups. That is to say – passions are those heightened feelings that we all experience from time to time but which can be prolonged and extended through our own conscious decision. Passions, unlike emotions, are controllable and can be directed by us into any area of life that we choose.
<h4>The Importance of Passions</h4>
Passion is such an effective indication of who we are and where we stand in life. They indicate we are at a deep Soul level, show us what energy our internal psycho-spiritual centres are most comfortable with and can offer guidance on how to formulate a unique connection to the Godforce. Passions also indicate the type and degree of inner power that we have to manifest our goals and dreams. They are the gauge by which we can clearly understand the nature and context of this present incarnation. It is through our passions that we can plot the game-plan of our lives for at the end because they show us where we should be going in life and the path we can follow to realise our innermost dreams. In life there is little that we can ever achieve without access to inner power and it is the external expression of our passion that expands the centres through which our love for life can flow.
<h4>Expressing Passion to the World</h4>
Passion, as a word, sounds big, grand and all-encompassing. This is often the context in which we use the word in conversation with others. However, do not be defected into thinking that the way that you express your passion for anything has to be titanic in size and nature. When it comes to formulating your life it is not the degree of passion that you feel that is important as much as the intensity – after all we are talking about our feeling natures here. Passion comes in many forms. It is wholly indistinguishable from love so that we can feel passionate about our relationships to our children, wives or husbands. On the other hand we can love our cars, our homes or indeed any material object. In the great scheme of things these things have no real value compared to people, friends and family but our love for them can help us to release our passion. Passion can be felt about being in a place, eating a type of food or following a particular hobby or interest. All of these things are important to us because they form a part of who we are. Never feel embarrassed abut your passion. Despite the fact that you may be the only person in your neighbourhood to collect antique paperclips it does not mean that your worth as a person is any less – it just means that your hobby is a less common expression of the uniqueness of your Soul expression. Always remember; the passion that you hold for anything, no matter how strange or off the wall, is a clear indicator of how you can connect to your inner world of spirituality.
<h4>Freedom Through Your Passion</h4>
Passion can act as a tool to bring about your emancipation in life. The love that you have for your chosen subject and the passion that this releases can be the key to unlock your door to a unique and vastly improved lifestyle on all levels. Act upon your passion. Express it to the world and use it to expand your consciousness, your ability to give and exchange love and through it create a better world for yourself and your loved ones.

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